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Pixelfy is an essential tool for Amazon sellers sending traffic to their listings.

  1. Adds retargeting pixels and analytics to all your links so you can reach them again through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, and anywhere else you want.
  2. Mobile Deep Linking – get up to a 44% boost in your conversions when sending mobile traffic to an Amazon listing by sending users directly to the product in the Amazon mobile app.
  3. Increase Keyword Ranking on Amazon and Walmart 
  4. URL Rotator – Great for ranking for multiple keywords with one ad or rebate campaign.

Here’s some of the links you can create with Pixelfy.me that can skyrocket your Amazon results.

  • Any URL – Use this redirect link for any non-Amazon related URLs. It works well for sharing articles to your audience; sending traffic to your shopify store, as well as for retargeting.
  • URL Rotator – From a single URL you can rotate clicks to over 50 different destinations! It is useful when running ad campaigns, targeting multiple keywords.
  • Supreme URL – This is the ULTIMATE Super URL generator. Our proprietary bot generates Amazon’s exact URL to determine the time of search, keyword attribution, and much more.
  • 2 Step Brand URL – This Super URL filters your product by brand and keyword, and it attributes keywords that are tied directly to your product’s title. This URL does not include the timestamp feature, but directs buyers to click the listing before purchase.
  • 2 Step Storefront URL – This is similar to the Brand URL, but instead filters your product by storefront and attribute keyword tied directly to your product’s title. This URL does not include timestamp feature, but directs buyers to click the listing before purchase.
  • Buy Together URL – This Super URL allows you to manipulate Amazon’s ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section of your listing, by directing traffic to a button which adds two items to the cart. With enough purchases, they will appear in the FBT section.
  • Add to Cart URL – Conversions generated through this URL simulates a purchase from Alexa, which increases the probability of earning ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge.
  • Add to Cart Button – This generates a Javascript button that can be used on landing pages or giveaway pages. This button combines two URLs to effectively run a keyword search and add to cart at the same time, simulating an Alexa purchase and increasing the probability of generating the ‘Amazon’s Choice badge.
  • Canonical URL – 25% of Amazon’s search traffic comes from search engines. Creating this link allows you to optimize your page for ‘off-Amazon search engine traffic’. Target 6 keywords and share on PBN or Blogs with anchor links. Then, simply watch your rank increase via Google.
  • Amazon Plain URL – This is a simple ‘redirect link’ to your Amazon listing, without any Super URL modifications.
  • Walmart Retailer URL – This is a ‘search-engine friendly’ Walmart URL. It is a Super URL that filters your product by retailer name as well as keyword.
  • Seeker (Search Find Buy) URL – This URL will put your customers to work to find the product in the search results. If your listing is within 6 pages of your target keyword, we will direct them to find the product and click to purchase. This is undetectable by Amazon.

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